Getting to know your customers should be an ongoing part of your strategy.
Sports fans don't just want to watch the game; they want to be at the center of it.
Reimaging the fan experience means tapping into the evolving expectations of tech-savvy audiences. According to a recent report, 45% of Americans say they use a second screen "very often" or "always" while watching tv; most of which actively look up related content. Customer experience is the new arena for sports teams to compete over new fans and revenue streams.
Simultaneous Usage - TV and Digital
How often do you watch TV and use a digital device simultaneously
Websites are on their way of becoming the AM radio stations of the internet. This can be credited to increasingly hyper-personalization apps provide through preferences, custom recommendations and behavioral predictions. Today, mobile app usage accounts for 87 percent of time spent online by U.S adults versus 13 percent on the web.
Mobile is king
Share of Time Spent on Mobile: App vs. Web
Make your event the one they remember — and come back to.
The smartest marketers are enticing millennials to branded events through experiential marketing. Branded activations and sponsoring can be boosted by technology to invoke deeper emotional responses from customers to ensure memorable connections. Approximately 86 percent of event marketers believe that technology can have a significant positive impact on the success of their events.
It is said that data is now the most valuable asset on our planet. According to Forbes, the companies that master how to apply data are those generating the most wealth. So, it is essential companies spruce up data-collection processes making them more exciting and more engaging. As per recent studies, gamification increases user engagement by 48 percent.
Games and data are synonymous.