Your favorite teams and brands in one place.
The Benefits Of ONE Platform
Higher Flexibility
Additional Rewards
Less App Fatigue
More Personalized
Multi-task by interacting with your favorite team while earning discounts on your next meal. Joining ting means avoiding 'App-overkill' because let's face it – having too many apps is counterproductive. Minimize your effort, maximize the return with a personalized journey to meaningful connections.
Onboarding Process.
Ting will be available on both the Apple Store & Google Play store
One click registration with social media accounts
Listed on the ting homepage
Be At The CENTER Of Your Surroundings
Simply Download
Sign up or Log in
Browse Ongoing/Upcoming Events
From home, on-the-go, social media or on the sidelines
Activate Your Experience
Ting provides a completely new way to manage your personal data. We are aware that most of the companies are increasingly collecting data for their own benefit, not yours. This process makes it difficult for a user to understand what data is shared with 3rd parties.
Full control of your data at your fingertips. Unauthorized sharing of your personal information is strictly forbidden.
The more data you reveal, the more rewards you unlock. Ting makes it possible to track and monetize your contributions throughout your journey.
All rewards are tokenized with blockchain technology. This allows for increased security of assets that are truly yours.
Own Your Data And Rewards
What exactly does Ting offer ?
Transparent access
Fair exchange
Secured rewards