As the volume of branded applications available has increased, so has the complexity of accessing it. As a result, much of the content is overlapping, and viewers are forced to engage on multiple apps in order to access each provider's original content. It is unsurprising, therefore, that a substantial group of users feel overwhelmed by the number of options available.
App Aggregator
Higher Flexibility
The live experience is a focal point for fan interaction and franchises alike. What lies beyond it?
Recognize Loyalty
Engage Year Around
Recognize, reward, and record each fan interaction.
Meaningful relationships don't start and stop with the sports season.
Branded for your company.
Go head to head
– Cross swords with friends, family or some mortal you've never met for your claim to fame. Rising through the ranks will score you VIP treatment with sports idols, teams and your favorite brands.
Shop 'til you drop
– Swap points for virtual rewards, special rebates and exclusive merchandise. Ting will have you coming back for turbo-charged point boosting events, interactive lotteries and mega giveaways throughout the week.
Stay informed - Read,
watch, or listen to the content that matters to you, from newsworthy updates to promotional deals to video highlights. The ting homepage delivers personalized content sourced from your desired connections.
Ting Features
Participate in decisions
–Find your voice and use it. Regular polls and feedback on topics that matter to you will drive powerful changes. Ting is your megaphone – and now is time to capitalize on it.
Shared audience data helps better understand customer profiles for future business decisions.
Significantly expand your reach across all targeted demographics. Engaging a customer on multiple channels builds up trust and credibility.
Blockchain-powered swaps between loyalty programs to offer seamless cross-marketing incentives.
The Benefits of Audience Cross Pollination
Continuous 1st Party Data
More Sponsors, higher fees
Direct connection to fan base
Highly targeted marketing
Revenue sharing opportunities