Pioneering Next Generation Engagement
Ting is at the forefront of audio-powered experiential tech to create unparalleled interactions between the user and their environment while staying true to brand values at its core. Our digital bridge to customers increases the contact points with your audience and monetizes their participation through televised programs, online content or live events.
How We Maximize Your Brand's Value
Experiential Technology
Data-Driven Marketing
Millennial Engagement Expertise
Leverage our data-over-sound connectivity to seamlessly interface with your audience like the never before.

Without the need of
Cell phone coverage
Bluetooth connection
We provide a better view into customers' motivations, preferences and behaviors acquired through targeted data analytics. Collect insights to help you make the right business decisions.
Visualising data for better understanding
Reporting, analysing, and presenting data in real-time
Cloud based analytics for instant deployment and universal accessibility
Seamless integration with your business intelligence and marketing analytics systems
Rely on our demographic, psychographic and behavioral insights of this generation to develop cutting-edge engagement applications for them.
In-depth market research
Trend identification and analysis
Millennial specific focus groups